For mentors only

This page is for mentors who want to be on our reality TV show. If you are a family in need and wish to be on the show, please visit this page instead. If you are a celebrity, please visit this page instead. For more information about Dwight Clough, please visit this page.

Each episode of our show has one simple aim: To get one family out of poverty forever.

During each episode, a different celebrity selects a family to help. Then that celebrity chooses a team of mentors to empower that family to escape poverty forever. We follow the progress of that family over the course of several months until they’ve made it safely over the canyon that separates the poor from middle class and beyond.

The families we help are always treated with courtesy and respect. Our aim is to set them on a path of fulfillment where they do the work they love and get rewarded for it.

At the present time, we are taking applicants for the show—families to help, mentors, and celebrities. We don’t yet have an air date, that’s at least a couple years away, but we’ll update this page as developments occur.

We still have a number of details to work out, but if you’re interested in being on the show, please complete the application below.

Please note: The information you share may be shared with anyone connected with this show for the purpose of considering your application.