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Why sign the pledge?
We believe we can end poverty in the USA if enough good people like you make a small effort in the right direction. The pledge is a first step in that process.
Here’s our vision:
1. Start a conversation that will be heard by the right people.
2. Bring good ideas for ending poverty to the table.
3. Try great ideas on a small scale.
4. As appropriate, scale up the ideas that work.

Is this Democrat or Republican?
Neither. And let’s keep it that way.

What am I committing myself to?
Only what you check in the checklist.

Do I need to buy, read, or agree with Dwight’s book Rethinking Our War on Poverty?
No. You just need to agree to the 12 points in the pledge and commit to whatever items you check in the checklist. The purpose of the book is to begin a conversation. The book is one person’s opinion on why the war on poverty has stalled, and what we could do to end poverty in USA forever. Preview the book here at or purchase the book on Amazon here.

Public or private signature?
Totally up to you. If you’d like your name and who you are to be published, then go public. If not, stick with private. Either way, your signature counts and your efforts are appreciated!

Who is Dwight Clough?
For information about Dwight Clough, please visit this page…


Will you be among the first to sign?

I’ve always been impressed with pioneers—people who don’t need the crowd to tell them what to do, people who step into uncharted territory because they see what other people don’t yet see.

They see possibilities.

I believe in possibilities. I believe in the cascading and cumulative power of good people doing the right thing. That’s why I created this pledge to end poverty in the USA.

I created this pledge because I sense God wants me to speak up for those who often don’t have a voice—my fellow sojourners in poverty.

I feel the need to gather good people together—people on the Right, people on the Left, people who care, people like you. I believe if we all make a small effort in the right direction, we can change how the war on poverty is being fought. We can empower people to leave poverty behind—forever.

This isn’t about money. I’m not asking for your money. Instead, I’m asking you to harness your imagination to the possibility that maybe you and I can make a difference. Maybe we can help win this war on poverty at least for someone.

The pledge is a first step. The pledge is a way of bringing us together to make a difference. It’s a commitment—yes, a commitment to do one or more items on a checklist. You choose. Most of the items take less than five minutes to complete.

It’s a small step. But maybe—just maybe—if enough of us are willing to take this first small step, at least one family lost in poverty can find their way home. (Scroll to top to sign.)