Together: A Story of Human Value (documentary)

The goal of our film is to create a movement to help people get out of poverty…


We believe…
We believe the war on poverty is winnable.
We believe that the first step to winning this war
is seeing the poor through a different set of eyes.

Why don’t we win the war on poverty?
It’s very simple: We don’t help people get out of poverty.
We believe that helping one another is not a sign of weakness;
it’s a sign of wisdom.
We believe there’s enough room in life for everyone to win.

Our current methods of fighting poverty, while good and necessary,
have the unintended side effect of keeping good people trapped in poverty.
We believe there’s a simple way to fix that
using what we call Mentor Investors.
We can do this without raising taxes, increasing spending, or dishonoring the poor.
This is a non-partisan movement.


Our film…
Our film will feature stories and insights from “below the line” including those of author Dwight Clough. We plan to include expert interviews (Dr. Ruby Payne), and at least one celebrity has shown an interest in being in the film. We’ll explain how a simple change in the law will make it possible for everyone to win—the poor, the middle class, the rich, the taxpayer, the government, and the Mentor Investor.

To help us tell our story, we’ve engaged the services of Neil Rowe, a filmmaker with extensive experience making poverty related documentaries.


Current needs

  • We are looking for stand up and cheer stories, people who have escaped poverty, particularly those who have escaped poverty with help, support, mentoring, encouragement of others.
  • We are looking for celebrities (all types) who share our values who would be willing to lead the way in helping our culture see the poor through a different set of eyes.
  • We are looking for an attorney who understands entertainment contracts, independent film funding, entity structuring.
  • We are looking for partners who are willing to help us raise the funds needed to do this right. At this time, we’re still developing the budget for our film, but we anticipate production plus promotion will cost in the neighborhood of $200,000.
  • And, we are wide open to any other kind of help… story consulting, graphic design, animation, phone calls, whatever. If you want to help, please contact me…

Those interested in helping us move forward should contact Dwight Clough here with “Together documentary” in the subject line.