Moving out of poverty?

We’re looking for stand-up-and-cheer stories about getting out of poverty we can share with viewers in our new documentary, Together.

  • Do you have experience moving out of poverty?
  • Have you helped someone move out of poverty?

If so, we would love to hear from you.

Our film will tell the story of people who have moved from poverty to middle class or beyond. If you are selected, we will tell your story with warmth and grace and respect. We will honor your journey. We will honor those who helped. And we will honor those who are still fighting the good fight but haven’t yet crossed the finish line.

“A band aid over a bullet hole” We will also take an honest look at the shortcomings of our current system of poverty relief in the USA. Someone described this system as “a band aid over a bullet hole.” While Medicaid, food stamps, and other benefits may be necessary and helpful, they can have the unintended outcome of creating barriers to upward mobility—in effect, keeping people locked in poverty.

How do we break through those barriers? Through the voices of expert forward thinkers and through the lives of people who have made the journey out of poverty, we will showcase good bipartisan alternatives that empower people to move from poverty to middle class or beyond. We will show how delivering these alternatives is an easily affordable investment that rewards us all. Our ultimate aim is to offer every person living in poverty a one-way ticket out, and this film is an important step to that end.

Interested? Contact Dwight Clough here and include the word “documentary” in the subject line.

Together, A Straight Arrow Media production with

  • Filmmaker Neil Rowe (A Rabbit’s Trails; poverty-related documentaries and educational programming featured on RightNow Media under the umbrella of Next Step Ministries)
  • Author Dwight Clough (Rethinking Our War on Poverty, The Gift of Transformation, What I Believe About You, The Man from Sun Prairie, Spiritual Self Defense, Discoveries, Inner Wealth)

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